The Great Vegetable Battle

I mentioned in a previous post how one of my fish is sick. One of the medicines is gel which is comprised of an antibiotic mixed with food. The directions actually say not to offer any other food for 24 hours before attempting to feed the gel. Clearly, like medicine for people, this stuff is not going to taste great.

Isn’t this exactly like trying to feed kids vegetables when they’d rather have cake? If you give them (give in with) other choices, then of course they will take the other choice. I know some kids will say. “Fine, then I won’t eat at all,” if they can’t have what they want. Your reply to that should be a smile and, “OK, well, then you’ll just be all the hungrier for your vegetables tomorrow.” Then go on about your business.

Let the kids pout, whine, and complain. Don’t give them any snacks later. The hunger feeling is a natural consequence of their choice not to eat earlier. Let them learn now that poor choices have unpleasant consequences. In the long run, being hungry a time or two is more than a fair trade off if that lesson is learned early in life.

Don’t worry; kids won’t starve themselves. Eventually, even the most willful child will decide it is better to eat what the parents offer than to go hungry repeatedly. (Don’t you just love that phrase “willful child”? Thickheaded and stubborn are more accurate.)

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