The Birthday Party Arms Race

No, I didn’t make up the phrase, “the birthday party arms race.” It was featured in a story I read on AOL news. Actually, I think that title is overly dramatic.

I agree with the main point of the article, which is that some parents are getting completely carried away with the elaborate lengths some go to throw children’s birthday parties. However, nobody is forcing them to do it. It is a scourge they are bringing upon them selves entirely. I think it is especially ridiculous to waste money on parties for children under seven or eight who won’t even remember them when they are older. At least older kids will be able to make their own guest list and have memories of the fun day.

I think it is a complete overreaction that a mother named Linda Zwicky founded a group called Birthdays Without Pressure and that a University of Minnesota Professor of Family Science is involved with launching the group. Really, the organized effort against the parties is as silly as the parties mentioned in the article against which these people are rebelling.

A simple dose of common sense and good judgment on all parents’ parts would suffice!

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