Thanksgiving – The Almost Forgotten Holiday

With Thanksgiving just two days away as I write this, I first want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the day off from work with your families and an extra long weekend if you have also scheduled a vacation day off the day after Thanksgiving.

Also, for everyone who is traveling during the busiest travel time of the year, please drive safely and responsibly to your destinations.

Why am I calling Thanksgiving the forgotten holiday? It certainly seems like that in the retail world doesn’t it? It seems like stores go from pushing Halloween merchandise right into Christmas. The jack-o-lanterns come down and the Christmas trees go up. So many people overlook the harvest and autumn decorations.

It’s a shame because we’ve lost the true meaning of the holiday. In a more agricultural society, giving thanks for the harvest had real meaning because people felt a greater connection to the source of their food than we do today. Imagine giving thanks for your local, overcrowded and overpriced grocery store – not too likely!

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