Temper Tantrums

We’ve all seen kids throw temper tantrums. If you haven’t seen a temper tantrum recently and you feel you need a refresher course, just go to a busy department store or grocery store. It won’t take long to find a kid throwing a fit in public because a mother or father refuses to buy something that the kid wants.

Teenage Temper Tantrums

Uncontrolled childhood temper tantrums lead to adult temper tantrums.

If children’s temper tantrums are bad (and they definitely are), what about adult temper tantrums? Have you ever witnessed one of those in public at a store? Or worse, at your workplace? Or even worse, in your own household?

Why Childhood Temper Tantrums Lead To Adult Temper Tantrums

Did you ever wonder why on earth an adult would throw a tantrum? I’ll tell you why. It’s a direct result of how the adult’s parents reacted when that adult was throwing fits as a child.

Don’t kid yourself. Seriously, it really is that simple to understand. As James Lehman states it, “The way you respond to a tantrum will shape every tantrum a kid has from now until he is sixty years old.” Let me say: GOD, IS THAT TRUE!

Lehman also added an accurate and frightening thought. “A temper tantrum at age thirteen or fourteen will put holes in your wall.” That’s why you need to get temper issues under control as soon as possible.

Whatever stage your kid happens to be at when it comes to throwing fits, you need to deal with them IMMEDIATELY. If you don’t you can pretty much guarantee that things are going to get worse.

If you don’t want things like happening with your kids, check out The Total Transformation Program for help with dealing with temper tantrums.

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