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Yesterday, I talked about a new way for kids and teens to learn sports. Today, let’s talk about another aspect of sports participation for kids and teens – stress.

Teens do suffer from stress. Of course, in retrospect, adults may look back and laugh off the kinds of problems that teens have, but that doesn’t mean they are any less stressful for the teens.

To drive the point home, think of another example. When you were in third grade, the biggest event of the week may have been the spelling test every Friday afternoon. As silly as worrying about a spelling test may seem now, it may have consumed an inordinate amount of your time back in the third grade. That was just as meaningful to you then as problems with your boss or paying your mortgage is now.

There is such a thing as teen sports burnout and teen sports burnout treatment . It can be caused by several factors including an overbearing coach or parent putting unrealistic expectations on the young athlete or even a never ending cycle of going from one sport to the other as the seasons change.

Check the link in the paragraph above for a program to help relieve the stress of teen sports.

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