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This is the last entry in the series that helps parents answer the question, “Where do I find help for my troubled teen?”

The site Help My Teen profiles some residential teen facilities. They have pictures and information on four featured schools. (The sites says they are featured for a month so I assume if you check back periodically, you will see changes.) In addition to those schools shown on the site, parents can also call an 800 number for additional options and information.

One thing I noticed on this site that I have not seen on others was a list of payment options and ideas for parents. This makes sense because one of the first questions many parents would ask about is the cost. The idea of a residential program does sound expensive so the financial ideas should be a help.

There is a short frequently asked questions section. While I’m sure parents could generate many more questions than those listed, they available ones do address important points such as what kinds of kids are actually not served by schools affiliated with the site and what about kids with diagnosed medical disorders.

Finally, another aspect of the site that will interest parents is the video testimonials by parents and former students.

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