Teen Chemical Dependency Book

It’s interesting how opinions can vary so greatly on a topic that is so important – helping teenagers recover from drug addiction.

Today was the first time I ever heard of Bob Meehan (cited as the father of drug intervention) and his substance abuse self help book called Beyond The Yellow Brick Road: Our Children and Drugs. After doing some quick research, I am astounded at the polarized opinions. It seems that people are either highly in favor of his approach or find great fault with it.

The interesting thing to me is that I would love to see what the detractors say about the success stories. After reading reviews and personal comments (not on the author’s or the publishing company’s website, but rather the unsolicited type that and freely available for anyone to read in various places online), I have to be impressed that many people said they read the book and it changed their lives.

I was especially impressed by comments by teenagers themselves who said that after reading the book, they realized the damage drugs would do their bodies and minds. (Of course, it also amazes me that they never believed it when their parents or teachers told them the same thing, but that is another story.) The point is that if a book can turn around a teenage drug addict’s opinions, I think it is worth a look for anyone in that situation.

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