Teen Boot Camps

This entry is about a topic that I hope will get a discussion started. It’s about boot camps for teenagers. Usually, these are used a last resort option for parents with out of control teens. (You may remember that the character of Bree on Desperate Housewives sent her son Andrew to one in the first season of the show.) Although the explanation is a bit more complicated, a quick overview for those not familiar with the concept is that teens are sent to a military style boot amp in which their behavior is regulated and monitored constantly just as it would be in a regular boot amp for adults. The terminology and atmosphere also resembles a regular boot camp. One major difference is that the teens are sent involuntarily most of the time.

Anyone considering this for the his or her teen will naturally want to do a lot of research to ensure that a boot camp is the right solution to the problem so comparing boot camps to other behavior modification programs will be in order. If the teen boot camp is picked as the best option, then choosing a boot camp will be the next part of the decision. The link in the previous sentence provides resources to help parents make informed decisions in regard to the best solution for their particular situation.

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