Teaching Kids New Words – Expanding Children’s Vocabularies

Since I’ve been sharing information from other writers about their children’s books, middle grade novels, and YA works, I thought it was time to share some more info from one of my own children’s books, Joyce of Westerfloyce.

I added extra material to the back of the ebook edition – kind of like a DVD with bonus material.

The material below is from the bonus section that talks about how children learn new words and integrate them into their own speech patterns.

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Children learn new words while reading the same way they learn them in spoken language. They encounter unfamiliar words in a meaningful context and naturally figure them out from the context clues with assistance when necessary from a knowledgeable source.

Children expand their personal vocabularies by emulation. Exposing them to more advanced words allows them to learn those words and add them first to their passive vocabularies, which comprise words that they recognize and understand when they hear or read them, but do not generally use in their own speech or writing.

Once they become familiar with passive vocabulary words through repetition, those words are eventually added to their active vocabularies which are the words they “think with,” the words they use when expressing themselves through speech and writing.

To help parents or teachers who want to use this book in a more formal way, there is an included list of some of the vocabulary words (in the order they are presented in the text) that may be unfamiliar to young readers. Simple, easy to understand definitions are provided. A few fun facts are sprinkled throughout the list.

Get additional info for this kid’s ebook at Matthew’s author site or go to Joyce’s Amazon page.

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