Teacher Gifts

If you’re looking for teacher appreciation gifts or gift ideas for teachers, you’ve come to the right place. The best part of the story with the items below and the store that they will take you to is that all the gifts for teachers there are personalizable! (For example, you could write your own message on the chalkboard mousepad below. You can even chose a font that looks like handwriting.)

Your kids will love giving their school teachers these unique teacher gifts with their own teachers’ names on them. They’re great for back to school, Christmas, (and any of the other holidays), teacher birthdays, Teacher Appreciation Day, graduation, and end of the school year celebrations as well as any time you just want to show your appreciation to a special teacher in your child’s life.

Black Chalkboard mousepad
Black Chalkboard
Little Red Schoolhouse stamp
Little Red Schoolhouse
Best Teacher keychain
Best Teacher

Students Raising Hands bag
Students Raising Hands
Apple and Worm shirt
Apple and Worm
Gift For Teacher mug
Gift For Teacher
Adorable Pencil Characters stamp
Adorable Pencil Characters
Dog Ate Homework card
Dog Ate Homework
School Bus Drawing apron
School Bus Drawing

I like how the different types of gift choices can reflect the teacher’s personality and/or the age group of the students. There are cutesy type gifts like the image of the animated and anthropomorphic (now there’s a good old-fashioned school vocabulary lesson word for you – for those who need a refresher, that word means attributing human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects) ) pencils and the classic little red schoolhouse above which would be good for teachers of younger children as well as those with a fun and jovial personality. Then there are other, more serious teacher gifts like those featuring the periodic table of elements which would be fitting for a high school science teacher.

If you want to make a unique gift for your favorite child or teacher this year, it’s easier than ever thanks to websites which allow you to personalize gifts by adding names or other special messages. As I said, there are thousands of choices available, but these are a few of my favorites. Feel free to leave a comment once you’ve chosen your favorite teacher gift idea.

There are thousands more Personalizable Teacher Gifts here.