Tales From Swankville – Could This Be Your Town

Parents Behaving Badly

Have you heard about the new book, Tales From Swankville:The Town May Be Fictional But The Problem Is For Real, that is causing controversy among in the media among parents, especially those in the author’s hometown who say the town’s fictional setting of Swankville is really their own real town of Pleasanton, California in disguise?

This is one of those books on Amazon that garners a huge discrepancy in the ratings, varying wildly and almost entirely between one star reviews and five star reviews.

In fact, reading the reviews and the comments on the reviews can sometimes be almost as entertaining as reading the book. (This is also often the case with a books by politicians and media figures whose shows are about politics.)

It seems that parents are upset about the book because the authors, S.B. Fried and Georgie H. Ikuma, examine and expose bad parenting traits in suburban parents. Since the real parents in her town of Pleasanton believe the story is really about them, they have created a backlash against the book and the authors.

I don’t know what the authors intentions were and how close to reality this fiction lies, but the ironic thing is that it would be just like overbearing, competitive, and aggressive suburban parents in a subdivision to complain about a book that they felt portrayed them in that manner!

This whole thing sounds like it could be a subplot from an episode of Desperate Housewives. Maybe they will ask Siah Fried to guest star on an episode in this final season.

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