Symptom Of Low Self Esteem

This is a continuation of Low Self Esteem in which I agreed and explained James Lehman’s theory that kids with low-self-esteem gravitate towards other kids who don’t expect anything out of them.

I have a little more trouble though with the second part of the theory. Mr. lehamn continues saying that “…and those kids in general with see violence a s a solution to their problems.”

He does use the qualifier “in general” which technically makes it much harder to find fault with the sentence and the theory. I’m sure that he is right that some violence can be traced back to people with low self-esteem. However, I’m not convinced there is a causal relationship between the two facts. It may just be a statistically coincidental relationship at work here or it may be a contributing factor.

It just reminded me of advertising I used to hear a few years back about organized sports for kids being necessary to keep them off drugs. Again, one may do a study and learn that, statistically, participating in sports has some relationship to not becoming involved in drugs, but is a far cry and a world of difference from saying that the sports participation was THE REASON that the kids avoided drugs. That might make an interesting public service announcement for a non-profit organization, but it is an oversimplification at best. (Furthermore, I’d like to see a study detailing statistics about kids who actually became drug users – using steroids, for example – as a direct result of getting involved in sports.)

In any case, as throughout all the Total Transformation course material I have read so far, James Lehman is no way saying the low self-esteem issues is an excuse for violent behavior. In fact, he makes it very clear that any kind of violent behavior is unacceptable and must be eliminated from a child’s behavior patterns immediately.

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