Swiffer – New Way To Clean Your Floors

Are you ready to give up your mop and pail? Ready to “sweep” the broom right of your cleaning routine? (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

There is always something new on the market, a way to improve on tried and true methods. Sometimes, the new product is a godsend and we wonder how we got along without it. Other times, it is just an unnecessary drain on the wallet as we are fooled by the ads into thinking that the new product will make old chores almost fun again.

That brings us to those replacements for wet mops and brooms – the Swiffer. You’ve seen those commercials that chide you for cleaning your floor with dirty water when you could easily pop this special cloth on the end of your mop and then just throw it away when it gets dirty. If one is to believe the commercials, you would practically be dancing around the kitchen because cleaning the floor that way is just so much fun!

What do you think? Is the new method worth the extra money or is the old fashioned bucket and pail good enough or you?

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