Summer Toys

Having recently written about the soft flying disk known as the Koosh Woosh and pool toys, I am continuing this series about summer toys because they are so much fun to write about and to reminisce about.

Let me tell you that Hammacher Schlemmer catalog reminds me of a Sears Christmas Wish Book, but for adults as well as kids. Everyone in the family would have fun with a remote controlled floating water cannon. If only we had those we were kids in the backyard pool! We only had the small handheld water guns or we would use old detergent bottles to make our own. (OK, that almost sounds like I am talking about the Great Depression except for the fact that they wouldn’t have had plastics in the 1930’s.)

Then along came those battery operated super soaker types to create backyard water battles. I never had one of those, but I must say they looked like fun.

Now it’s been taken to a whole new level. Can you imagine having a floating water cannon that can be operated up to 40 feet way by remote control? If you get one of those, your poolside activities will definitely be elevated to a new level of summer fun.

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