Summer Educational Ideas

Just because school will soon be out doesn’t mean that you should let your kids spend the next two and half months glued to television sets from dawn until dusk every day.
Here are some ideas to make sure a break from school is not also a break from learning.

1. Take a weekly trip to the library. The Harry Potter craze has the kids interested in reading those books, so capitalize on that and get them interested in others as well. Check your local library to see what special programs they have for kids this summer.

2. Take summer trips with an educational component. I like amusement parks as much as the next person (and probably more…can you say that you rode the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster two days in a row?), but they should not be your kids only form of summer entertainment. Try taking them to a living history museum such as Plimoth Plantation or to Amish Country so they can get an appreciation of life in another time period.

3. Make it a point to visit places in which learning and fun are completely intertwined such as a local children’s museum or a major aquarium like one of the Sea World locations.

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