Summer Businesses For Kids

Here is a mini-list of summer businesses for kids. Some are traditional and some are modern, but all of them would keep the kids busy and get them earning some pocket change as well as teaching them business principles in a level they could understand.

1. Start a lawn care service. The kids can lean advertising by printing up some flyers on the computer and salesmanship by soliciting business from neighbors. The bonus is all the exercise they will get while they are out.

2. Sell lemonade. What kid hasn’t tried that at least once? If the lemonade stand is in front of the house and you don’t mind the kids going in and out as necessary, here’s a tip – have the kids keep a rotating batch in the freezer to sell as slush. It will be a big hit.

3. Start a website. Have the kids identify a need they and their friends wish was available online and have them come up with the idea to fulfill the need. Then actually help them create the website.

What ideas can you add to the list?

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