Student Travel

Parents, does your school ever offer your children educational student tours? Companies like Hemisphere Travel arrange and manage student travel so you won’t have to start from scratch or scratch your head trying to figure out how to jump-start a student trip at your school.

The site has photos and videos so you can see other student tours in action. The website also has a FAQ section with pertinent and important information. I thought one fact was very interesting and should really put parents minds at ease over an aspect of student travel that gives parents pause. In answer to a question about how they handle student safety and security issues, Hemisphere Travel says they hire professional security guards to monitor the hotel hallways from 11pm-6am each night, utilizing 1 guard per hotel floor that the group occupies. I never even thought of that, but what an excellent and proactive step that is this day and age.

When you are ready to plan student travel and an educational student tour, you know where to look for guidance and assistance.

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