Student Report Cards

Can it really be that time of the year again when kids are bringing home report cards?

Doesn’t it seem like parents just got through Halloween and are already getting requests for wanted Christmas toys? We haven’t even mentioned that we are little more than a week away from Thanksgiving. Somewhere in there, it’s time for report cards as well as parent-teacher conferences which we will discuss in a future entry.

Here are some tips for parents in how to approach report cards.

1. Review the report card first by yourself when you have to look it over and absorb the information. A quick glance while you’re watching TV doesn’t cut it.

2. Sit down with your child to go over and discuss the actual grades as well as written comments from the teachers. Ask the child to to give his or her opinions of why particular comments were made about him or her.

3. Ask the child for a self-evaluation as well. Ask what he or she is proud of on the report card as well as what he or she would like to improve on for the next grading period.

4. Have the child come up with an action plan to reach the goals discussed in step 3.

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