Star Wars LightSaber Game

This one should go down in history as the ultimate “I said I bought it for the kids, but I really bought it for myself” video game.

What parent who grew up with Star Wars could resist getting the chance to battle enemies from the various movies right on their own television screens?

In this game, players stand a few feet away from their television screens and wield a lightsaber. There is a small game unit (that looks just like the training droid that Luke Skywalker used when he was first learning the ins and outs of lightsaber fighting in Jedi training) that sits on top of the TV. The unit has sensors which pick up the movement of the lightsaber in the player’s hand and force the lightsaber on the screen to make corresponding motions.

It is amazing to see it in action. The price is right to make it an absolute must-buy for Star Wars Fans of all ages.

In the next post – More Interactive Video Games

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