Spying On Your Teenager

Parents absolutely should be checking up on their kids constantly. The kids will call it spying. I call it good parenting.

Readers of this blog now that I advocate one very simple way to keep your teens out of trouble when they are online (in fact you may even have found this blog after reading an article on the topic) – put their computers right in the middle of the most popular room in the house.

Modern technology brings you many other techniques that will help you watch over their other activities and deal with smaller teen issues before they become major ones.

Since kids are using their cell phones for both conversations and text messages these days, there is a wealth of information about their activities stored in those phones. What could parents learn if they had a cell phone spying device like this:

This is called a cell phone spy data extractor. (Yes, I know it’s very James Bond / Mission Impossible.) If you have a cellular phone that uses SIM cards (and most do these days), you simply remove the SIM card from the phone and put into the device. Then you connect the device to a USB port on a computer and all the “secret” information (including recent deleted SMS messages) is available.

So parents, what do you think?

Are you ready to get one of these devices to check up on what your kids are doing when you aren’t around?

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