Sometimes a Rose is Just a Rose

Why do all parents always think their children are smarter than everyone else’s? How often have you heard the comment, “I know everyone thinks this about their own kids, but (fill in name here) really is more advanced than everyone else in the neighborhood.”
I have also noticed that this concept extends to people’s pets too! They think their cat or dog has human emotions, understanding, and thoughts while their friends’ cats or dogs are just plain old animals.

In either case, no amount of logic can talk these people out of thinking those in their life are superior. They read things into situations that simply aren’t there. When a baby puts a bowl of spaghetti upside down on her head, it’s because she thinks it’s fun – not because she is going on a hunger strike to protest starvation in third world countries! When a cat walks away from his feeding dish, it’s because he isn’t hungry, not to show you he “knows” you bought some of the fancy pet food and don’t plan on using it until he finishes the cheap stuff.

Sometimes a rose is just a rose.

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