Snow Days

We had a blizzard here in the Northeast on Sunday. Of course yesterday (Thursday), it was 56 degrees. Currently there is no snow left at my house. Welcome to New England.

Anyway, schools were closed on Monday and the kids on the news sure seemed happy about it. You remember snow days as a kid, right? It was snowball fights with your friends, building snow forts, making extra money shoveling, hot chocolate, sledding, ice skating and best of all – no school!

As an adult, how the times change. Teachers hate snow days with a passion! They wreak havoc on the lesson planning books and the sequence of events. What if tests are always scheduled for Friday, but now there is one less school day in a particular week? Parents have to suddenly find different day care options or stay home from work themselves. They could always bring the kids to work. See my previous post on that.

For some reason, shoveling is not so much fun when you own the house and it’s a responsibility rather than an opportunity for extra cash. It’s much tougher driving in the snow than it is throwing snowballs at passing cars, isn’t it? Next snow day, forget all the negative stuff and go sledding with the kids. Throw in that extra spoonful of cream in your hot chocolate. Try to recapture the care-free attitude that used to come to you so naturally on snow days.

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