Snow Day Ideas

If schools are closed in your area today, like they are in mine, here are some snow day activities to do with the kids.

1. Get outside and make a snowman! It’s great exercise and kids love doing it. If it stays cold enough in your area, you may have the snowman for weeks or days. If you have several kids and they make the snowman quickly, go all out and make an entire snow family. That can keep them busy until it’s time to come inside and warm up with hot chocolate.

2. Another idea is to make a dessert with them. Why not practice one you want to make for Christmas if it’s still a week or more away. If it’s only a few days away, then you can bake Christmas cookies and make the actual desserts to serve to company. Be sure to leave small portions for you and the little assistant bakers to sample.

3. Work on a Christmas decoration craft project. A set of tree ornaments or table centerpieces that you make now can become treasured family heirlooms, as they will always remind everyone of the fun the family had together.

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