Small Product Serving Sizes Are A Joke

Here is an entry for my (overly neglected) blog category called Consumer Reports – Is It Worth It – which features mostly household and grocery product reviews and opinions as well as information on consumer issues.

One of my biggest consumer pet peeves is the ridiculously small serving sizes companies normally use in nutrition information sections. One absurd example I noticed the other day was on a package of frozen onion rings.

The serving size was four (4) onion rings. Do you know anyone who only eats four onion rings during a meal? Have you ever eaten only four onion rings during one sitting?

Of course not and neither does anyone associated with that company. They just use labeling like that so they can proclaim certain calorie counts or certain amounts of fat in a serving. They hope that most people don’t bother to see how much of the product they are claiming amounts to one serving.

Unreasonably and unrealistically small serving size information in the Nutrition Facts / Nutrition Information Per Serving panel on product packaging results in inaccurate nutrition information. In fact, they make the nutrition information a joke by using phony amount per serving measurements that don’t reflect the way Americans consume the products.

I recently noticed one company bucking the trend of the inaccurate serving size. Check the next entry and find out which food manufacturer and which grocery item has realsitic portion sizes in their nutrition information

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