Sledding – A Lost Art

Is sledding a lost art?

When I was a kid, we sometimes made our own mounds of snow in the yard to go sledding. (Yes, they were kind of sad.) A much better alternative was to walk down the street to the local shopping center.

The plows would push the snow to the ends of the parking lots into huge piles. Since there were no stores at one end, we were able top sled there without any traffic or cars getting in the way. (As an adult, I would have to say it the other way around – that we were not in the way of any traffic!)

Another great place to sled was local golf courses. They had great hills. There were none close enough walk to reasonably, though I did once anyway. After that, I only went to the golf course if I could get a ride.

Do kids still sled? I know they have official places like ski resorts that now open trails to sledding and snow tubing, but I’m talking about more every day type of sledding, like finding the best hill in the neighborhood.

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