Should Parents Treat Siblings Differently

Conventional wisdom, parenting advice books, and probably your own mother all told you the same thing – you must treat all your children the same way. Do you believe that parenting advice?

James Lehman thinks that traeting all your kids the same is an ineffective parenting technique and I agree with him completely.

In fact, I think it’s more than ineffective, it’s just plain silly. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) do it in other areas of life such as with subordinates at work, and there is no reason to do it in your household.

Lehman’s point is that kids should be compared to how they could be if they put in the effort, not compared to each other. That is such a succinct and understandable way to phrase it. Even if you like the sound of it philosophically, are you prepared to implement the practical ramifications in your home?

Find out the rationale behind the the idea of treating siblings differently in the Total Transformation course material.

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