Should Kids Talk About Their Feelings

How does family therapist James Lehman feel about kids talking about their feelings? The answer may surprise you…

Today’s topic is about an interesting section of the third Total Transformation Program audio lesson. It is actually surprising (and refreshing, depending on your point of view) to hear a licensed family therapist with so many years of counseling experience say what James Lehman said on the CD about kids talking about their feelings. He was asked, “Should kids talk about their feelings?”

He stated that there was no reason for kids to talk about their feelings! Should I repeat that? Are you shocked to hear a behavioral therapist say that?

Angry parent needs help from The Total Transformation Program.

This mom is NOT in the mood to hear an excuse from her kids as to how to their feelings supposedly caused their bad behavior.

To be fair and accurate, Lehman is specifically referring to the connection between feelings and behavior. (Even more specifically, this topic deals with the connection between feelings and misbehavior.)

Kids, Feelings, and Behavior in Two Sentences:

I love the way James Lehman states the following:

You can’t feel your way to better behavior.

You can behave your way to better feelings.

This philosophy certainly makes sense, especially when you consider that the point and goals of this program are behavior outcome based.

Those two lines also make a great sound bite for a commercial as well as a a perfect caption for a motivational poster. That in no way makes them trite. In fact, this is a classic case of the brilliance being in the simplicity.

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