Shattered Glass In The House

I was thinking today that household glasses should be made shatterproof like windshields. Unfortunately, that would make each glass cost a fortune, but at least you wouldn’t ever have to replace them.

As you might have guessed, what brought this on was a glass that fell from the cabinet today. All I did was open the cabinet door and the glass suddenly tumbled out. I never even touched anything on the shelf. I can only assume that something inside the cabinet shifted and pushed the glass to the edge. When I opened the door, that was all it needed to completely move off the shelf.

Did you ever notice that no matter how carefully you clean up each little shard, you will always find another one later that day, the next day, or even weeks later? It’s so frustrating. You have to be extra careful if you have pets or kids running around the house too because you know one of them will find that last stray piece of glass before you do.

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