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When parents tell stories about “the old days,” especially about how much snow they had to trudge through (uphill) [both ways] to get to school, most kids tune out.

However, old pictures hold a great fascination for kids. When we were young, my cousin and I loved to look through the old photo albums, many of which were falling apart, and ask our grandmother who the people were. As each picture had a story, so did each person. It was fascinating to see and imagine our grandmother interacting at a different age with people that we would never meet or in places we would never go.

It was also interesting to see how people lived in the past. No textbook can give you the true flavor of what the past is like, but pictures of everyday life do that perfectly. If you see no TV in a living room, but instead see a radio the size of a TV, you imagine yourself sitting by that radio (the only one in the house) listening to a program as a family. When have you ever sat by a radio and listened to a program with your family? Pictures of a kitchen minus the microwave, phone, modern refrigerator and other counter top appliances reveal that food preparation was very different than it is today.

Here’s a tip, parents. If you want to share your old stories, just leave your old photo albums around. The kids will soon be asking for the stories.

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