Schools Closing Early

Here’s a mini-poll to day for parents. Would you rather that schools close early because of a winter snowstorm starting during the school day or would your prefer that schools were closed for the entire day in anticipation of a coming storm?

We had a major snowstorm hit the area today and I saw on the news that schools were closed. It was a major commuting nightmare throughout the region. It was taking people over three and four hours for commuting distances that normally take forthy0five minutes to an hour.

It is much easier on teacher’s and professor’s schedules too if there is a whole day out because everything can then be moved by a day, rather than having some lessons completed while others scheduled for the same day have to be moved.

Parents, is it more of a convenience for you to know your kids are coming home unexpectedly during the day then to plan for the whole day out on the day of a stormy weather?

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