School Volunteers

In a previous entry, Parent Involvement In Schools, I talked about five different ways for parents get involved and make a difference in their child’s school. In this entry, I want to go more in-depth in one method.

I mentioned volunteering in school as a way to get involved. Let’s explore some of the ways parents can volunteer in schools.

1. Lunch Monitors – Parents can help keep order and sanity in the cafeteria or on the recess during lunch.

2. Classroom Aides – Schools are often open to having parents help out in the classroom under the direction of the teacher. Possible volunteer opportunities here include when the class is involved in special projects or on a regular basis as a tutor to offer extra help.

3. Field Trip Chaperones – There can never be enough chaperones to keep order on a field trip. (If you don’t believe that, think back to when you went on field trips when you were in school.)

4. Special Events – If your school holds events like a fundraising carnival or book fair, there are plenty of parents with various skills needed including construction, cooking, baking, customer service, and entertainment.

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