School Fundraising Ideas

I’ve written about school fundraising ideas in the past because it is a topic that all parents have to deal with on some level on a continuous basis throughout their children’s school years.

I actually covered lots of different ideas in past entries. Of course, each one has its drawbacks and annoyances, but sometimes you just have to put up with them as they come with the territory.

Let’s think about some of the problems with traditional fundraising methods. Selling an item door to door in this day and age can’t really be considered safe in many areas. The organization has to stock and pay for inventory in some cases if they are going to have the kids (and parents!) lug items around to show to potential customers. On the other end of the spectrum when orders are taken from a catalog, that means that all customers must be visited twice – once for the initial order and then another time for delivery.

In all those methods, someone has to keep track of all the cash that is generated –0 that means counting, organizing, remitting and even security.

Until now, I have overlooked a more modern idea that is so obvious I should have thought of it sooner – school and community fundraisers using the Internet!

Sites such as allow schools and other community groups to register on their website and then funnel online shopping through their portal. The groups then make a commission on the sales. This opens up the possibility of selling many items beyond those involved in traditional fundraising campaigns. In fact, if auctions are used, then the group can make a percentage of a sale on virtually any type of item, just as if they were holding an old-fashioned rummage sale.

Check out the site and come up with some creative ideas for your next fundraising strategy session for your church group, community group, PTA, school group, athletic club, or field trip.

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