Rocky Point

I had a blast from the past childhood nostalgia moment when I noticed a headline that said, “Ready For A Rocky Point Vacation?” in bold letters. The reason that got my attention and brought back memories is because that was the name of an amusement park I went to every year when I was a kid. Alas, the Rocky Point amusement park is now long gone and when last I checked, the land was supposed to be under development as a condo complex.

So, what was the Rocky Point vacation I read about? It was advertising a website for Rocky Point house rentals located in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Considering the amenities at these beach house rentals, you might consider going there for your vacation the adult equivalent of a theme park. In addition to beach front views of the Sea of Cortez, they also have fully equipped kitchens as well as Satellite TV. There are many different building styles and size options (including different numbers of bedrooms) from which to choose.

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