Rice Krispies Halloween Candy Treat

Creative Tasty Halloween Party Idea

I’ve been really lazy about writing in this blog for far too long. It figures that food is the motivator that got me going today.

Did you ever see a picture for a meal or dessert that looked so good that you immediately wanted to make the recipe and eat the food? That just happened to me when I saw the picture of some delicious-looking Halloween theme Rice Krispie treats.

In fact, this one looked so good that I immediately wanted to share it with readers of the blog:

(IMAGE UPDATE: The Kellog’s site took down their Rice Krispie treat photo that I had showing here. It’s a shame because the photo is what inspired me to write this entry in the first place.)

All of us remembered how much we enjoyed eating Rice Krispies treats as kids. Now it’s our turn to make them for the next generation.

What a fun way to take them to the next level by turning them into a Halloween theme treat that includes a piece of candy such as a peanut butter cup on the inside!

The website ideas, recipes and pictures for turning the Rice Krispies treats into other October appropriate shapes such as ghosts, monsters, and giant pieces of candy corn.

That little picture above doesn’t do it justice, but the picture on the page with the complete recipe is much better.

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