Return of the Total Transformation Reviews

Yes, I know the continuation of the child behavior modification Total Transformation Program review series is long (ok, long, long) overdue.

I have only written sporadically about the program over the years since I did the original bulk of the Total Transformation reviews. Those covered overall impressions of the material including parenting workbook, the jumpstart DVD, the parental helpline (phone support), and the first two audio lesson CD’s.

All those previous entries are, of course, still available here on the website. You can find them (as well other info and opinions about the parenting course materials) via the navigation links on the right or start here Legacy Publishing Total Transformation Program Reviews.

Now that Christmas is a couple weeks behind us and the threat of no presents under the tree as a result of misbehavior no longer applies, it seems like a perfect time to go back to examining the details of The Total Transformation Program.

Total Transformation Reviews Audio Lessons Continue

As I continue the series, I decided to pick up exactly where I left off in the past by starting with my impressions and reactions to Audio Lesson 3.

As I started to work through the material, I was instantly reminded of just how jam packed with thoughtful information the entire program is. It’s kind of amazing how James Lehman will say a phrase or sentence as part of his overall point that seems so simple, yet that individual phrase or sentence can be analyzed and discussed on its own.

The most seemingly simple ideas he says are really profound parenting principles. I think it comes from all his years of practice and dealing with so many kids.

It’s like listening to someone who has been a teacher for thirty or forty years – each statement comes from a wealth of knowledge and experience. The teacher has learned how true the statement is after seeing the idea in action with many different students and in many different situations.

Another thing I was reminded of was that I liked the format of the CD’s in reference to how the information is presented. It’s like listening in on a conversation between James Lehman and two parents.

James introduces a concept and he and the other two parents discuss it. They are able to ask questions or get clarifications which are often the same or similar to those we have as listeners.

I think that was a very smart and effective way to present the information. For some reason, it also seems easier to absorb the information than it would be if it was a pure lecture format.

Anyway, I hope that brief introduction helps orient anyone who is new to The Total Transformation Program review series and just joining them already in progress. Feel free to check out more in the detailed review series here or go right to the official site.

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