Report Card Time

It’s that time of the year again in many parts of the country – kids will be bringing home their report cards and presenting them to parents.

That should be bring up all kinds of memories which is why I’m putting this entry in the childhood nostalgia category.

We’ve seen the scene many times on sitcoms – a child alters a report card grade by changing a lower grade to a higher one before handing the report card to the parents. One way or another throughout the episode the truth comes out and the child learns a lesson not to do that again.

Here’s what happened to me once when I was in elementary school in reference to report cards. Our report cards were handed out in sealed envelopes for us to deliver to our parents.

When I got home on report card day, I was disappointed to see a B- in Math when I had expected an A or A-. My parents were surprised too.

The next day in school I asked the Math teacher why I had gotten such a low grade. She looked puzzled and asked what I meant.

I told her that I hadn’t expected a B-. She was surprised and said she was sure I had earned an A-. She checked her grade book and verified that she was right. She showed me the page – my grade was listed an A-.

We went back to my homeroom teacher and got the report card that was actually sent home, which I had brought back that day signed by my parents. That one said B-!

It turned out that one teacher was not able to read the other teacher’s handwriting when she was copying the grades from one place to another! (Does anyone else see the irony in a teacher unable to read another teacher’s writing?)

In the background, they were writing the averages numerically rather than in letters grades. The numerical average was 93, which my homeroom teacher mistook as an 83 and therefore translated to a B-.

Perhaps I was the only child in the school who ever brought home a report card with an “altered” grade that had been altered against my favor!

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