Replacing The Local School

Here’s a memory I haven’t thought of in a long time, but it came to me recently while writing a blog post about school fundraising ideas.

Here’s the story: Years ago, in the city that I lived in, a large international company wanted to purchase the land and building that a local elementary school stood on so they could expand their corporate offices. One reason cited by proponents of the idea was that the school building was quite old and would need a lot of renovation and money poured into it soon to keep it operating so closing the building and getting paid for it would be a good deal.

After much back and forth debate, and public discussion for and against the idea, the city and the company reached an agreement. It was decided that the company would purchase and take over the school building as mentioned, but as part of the deal, the company would also build a brand new school for the city at another location on property that the city already owned.

At the conclusion of that school year, the company paid for a farewell party for the entire school as it was to be everyone’s last year in the building. The new school was to be constructed over the summer.

Guess what? It has been over twenty years and the new school was never built, the students and teachers are still occupying the old building!

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