Reason Kids Don’t Like School

This blog entry, along with its companion entry, Reasons Kids Like School, examines what causes some kids to enjoy the school experience while others find it intolerable.

1. Lack of Accomplishment – Kids who struggle to be successful in the various areas covered by formal education are likely to develop negative attitudes about school because of a sense of failure. Adults would not gravitate towards activities in which they would not have a reasonable chance of success, so it is no surprise that kids won’t either.

2. Attention – For some kids, school feels like getting lost in the crowd whereas at home they are the center of the universe.

3. Dislike Of Learning- Just as there are plenty of adults who have no interest in learning anything new or being challenged by their daily activities, some kids feel this same way too. Since they find no joy in discovering new things, schoolwork is not stimulating for them.

Do you have any ideas to help expand this list? Please add them to the comments section.

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