Reach And Read At Bugaboo Creak

Bugaboo Creek SteakHouse Chain participates in Book Drive with Reach Out and Read

It’s funny how in this age of the Internet we have access to more information and in a timelier manner than ever before, but the amount of information just totally overwhelms us and we still miss important things.

I happened to be eating at a Bugaboo Creek restaurant today (home of the amazing Bunyan Onion) and noticed the promotional card on the table talking about a non profit organization called Reach Out and Read. It turns out that that from October 15, 2007 (today) until October 30, 2007, Bugaboo Creek is collecting new (or “slightly used” as they call them) children’s books to donate to the Reach Out and Read program which is a national organization devoted to encouraging reading through advice and free books given to parents at pediatric visits.

The restaurant’s goal is to collect 15,000 books in the 15 day time period. You can drop books off at your local Bugaboo Creek location. If you would like to donate books and you don’t live near one of the restaurants or you would like to support the organization in another way, visit their website at Reach Out and Read for more information and to find a local chapter.

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