Raking Leaves Warning

Parents, this is a reminder and a warning. It may sound a little bit like a public service announcement, but there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, more bloggers might think about devoting space to writing about useful reminders from time to time rather than having blogs filled with nothing but one hundred percent useless blather.

OK, stepping off one soapbox and onto another…

Remember how much fun you had as kids raking leaves into piles and then diving into them or hiding in the piles?

Now that many part of the country are entering the prime season of leaf-raking, please remind your kids not to create their leave piles in the street for a variety of reasons, not the least of which, they could get hit by a driver that doesn’t see the kiss in the piles.

Also, motorist, do not drive over piles of leaves in the road as you don’t know who or what might be buried in the leaves.

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