R2-D2 Robot

Actually, with this being the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars movie, there are several versions (of varying features, abilities, and prices) of old favorite R2-D2 around.

Since this blog entry series is dealing with various toys and toy-like items that caught my attention in the Hammacher Schelmmer holiday preview catalog, I am presenting in the order that I found them in the catalog. Therefore, the way the R2-D2 info is listed below doesn’t indicate a preference for one particular item over another.

R2-D2 Home Theater System – Remember how in the movie, the robot’s eye had a proejection system with an image of Princess Leia? Well, in this configuration, his eye is now a projection system for television programs, images, movies, or video game action. For added fun, the remote control is inside of a replica of the Millenium Falcon.

Voice Activated R2-D2 – For a much cheaper price than the home theater version, you can have your own R2 unit to boss around justlike C-3PO in the movies.

Why didn’t we have all these amazing toys when the movie came out?

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