Quality Of Total Transformation Materials

What is the quality of the materials?

Overall, the TTP is extremely well organized and structured. Materials are presented using a step-by-step approach.

Once the child’s behavior is understood, scripts are provided to empower the parent’s response. The Parent Workbook is very well done and provides checklists to help the parent determine what skills need to be worked on at that time (target behaviors) and provides excellent explanations of why a child acts in a certain way.

The Total Transformation Program was also found to have several features not found in other programs. This includes Parenting Style self-assessments that allow parents to look at their role in the interactive process.

I especially liked the age appropriate consequences and rewards charts, as I find this is a particularly difficult concept for many parents. In addition to providing tools for acute behavior management, the TTP also focuses on teaching parents exactly how to have a problem-solving discussion with their child utilizing an interview format thus placing the parent in a coaching role.

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