Putting Your Goals In Writing

People always say it is motivating to write down your goals. I can only imagine that it should be all the more motivating if you write them down in your log for all the world to see.

Therefore, I am promising my readers that I will make time in my schedule to get to chapter two of the Total Transformation System to change your child’s behavior and post my series of review entries on the topic.

The last time I mentioned the program here in the blog was at the end of August and I said there would be more reviews coming soon. Then I got distracted with other projects and never got back to it.

The problem in goal setting was that I was too vague by simply saying “soon.” Really, that word has no meaning without a comparison to some other known event. This time, I am being specific. I will get those entries done and posted this week!

What goal will you write in your blog today?

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