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As I get ready to continue my in-depth review series on the subject, I was reading some other reviews online about the Total Transformation child behavior program the other day because I thought it would be interesting to see if other people had the same reactions and opinions I did about the material.

I have to tell you that I was surprised at what I read, but probably not for the reasons you might think.

As usual on the Internet, I came across plenty of opinions and none of them that I happened to find was an informed opinion. How do I know this? All the writers and bloggers freely admitted they had not seen the program or read the materials! It amazes me that one could find entire discussions threads from people who have no idea what they are talking about – all with strong opinions, though.

This phenomenon is not restricted to The Total Transformation Program by any means. It’s a widespread problem. When I talk about product reviews, I stick to aspects of them that I have experience with in one way or another. I may talk about website features or impressions or even the idea of using a product or service if I don’t have direct contact with that product or service. That is far cry from people who either bash (or promote) products that they know nothing about.

What I really don’t understand is why anyone would pay any attention to admittedly uninformed reviews of any product or service. A good exanple of this are online book reviews. I am absolutely floored by the number of people who start off a book review online admitting that they haven’ t read the book they are about to review. How the hell can anyone review a book that he or she hasn’t read? Imagine if movie reviewers on TV, in magazines, or in newspapers started off the movie review saying they hadn’t bothered to watch the film or video, but they already have an opinion on the film’s star, direcor, or genre, so they’ll just base their opinions on the movie based on those other factors. Would you pay any attnetion to them? Would they stay employed as reviewers?

When I read reviews, either positive or negative, I always look very carefully to pull out if there are any actual facts in the review. Of course, the writer’s opinion is also important, otherwise it wouldn’t be a review, but just a list of features. What makes the difference in a decent review is hearing facts about the contents or experience of the product or service coupled with opinions based on those facts or experiences.

When it comes to James Lehman’s program, I have the actual program so my opinion is informed because I am telling you what I know about it and its theories based on the program itself, not on the whim of a reaction to someone else’s comment on a blog or forum.

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