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I have the opportunity today to write about a proactive solution for acne called Proactiv Solution. While I am thankfully past the stage of developing active acne though I still get a stray pimple every now and then, so I can’t be “old” yet, right?), every day parents around the country get to relive their own days of battling acne when their teenagers develop pimples for the first time.

Luckily, there are newer and better ways of fighting acne than ever before. Although Proactiv Solution being used as a proactive solution for acne outbreaks has been around for several years, its profile has been raised since Jessica Simpson started doing the commercials for the product. In fact, the website contains several before and after pictures of regular customers as well as a section focusing on celebrities endorsing the products.

The Proactiv website also has background information to help readers understand different types of acne and how acne forms on the skin. There is even a chart showing a cross section diagram of how the pores get blocked which explains that blemish actually starts forming 2-3 weeks before it becomes visible on the surface of the skin. I also learned that the market for Proactiv Solution is much wider than I would have thought because twenty five percent of adults between the ages of 25 and 44 still have to deal with acne.

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