Private Education Loans

I recently wrote an article talking about obtaining loans, including private education loans due to the outrageous costs going to a college or university these days. As I pointed out before, who has the kind of money it takes to pay modern tuition costs just sitting around waiting for the bill to arrive from the bursar’s office?

There is another use of private education loans that I hadn’t thought of the other day, but discovered today. They can also be used to pay for the equally outrageous and continually skyrocketing costs of tuition for parochial and other private elementary schools and high schools. In fact, I was talking to a friend the other day who has relatives with children who attend private school and I was shocked to learn the tuition rates. They have gone up wildly over the past ten or fifteen years. One high school she mentioned cost more than eight thousand dollars a year! That is significantly more than some state colleges.

Thank goodness there are many resources to help defray education costs. Of course, look into scholarships and find out if you or your children qualify for special discount programs such as if you live in the same city the school is in. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts either. For example, if your child has won the school or district science fair in the past, the school may view having the child as an academic asset.

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