Price of Progress

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Headline: Medical Miracles – But How to Pay the Bill
Graphic: A doctor holding an artificial heart
Date: December 10, 1984

Twenty-three years later and medical science continues to bring amazing advancements…accompanied by ever-increasing premiums and an appalling number of uninsured people who can’t take advantage of the medical care available.

Headline: Madonna – Why She’s Hot
Graphic: Madonna sporting her original 80’s look
Date: May 27, 1985

Since then, Madonna has had more looks, personas, and costume changes than the number of people who have auditioned for American Idol. Madonna also has one thing most of them can only envy – incredible staying power. I’m glad that she now gets headlines for her charity work rather than for onstage antics.

Headline: AIDS – The Growing Threat, What’s Being Done
Graphic: Magnification of a virus attacking a cell
Date: August 12, 1985

Although reports say the AIDS epidemic is somewhat under control in the U.S., how many millions of people will die here and in Africa from the disease this year?

Headline: Hijack Terror
Graphic: A commercial airplane
Date: June 24, 1985

Headline: Turning The Tables – The U.S. Strikes Back At Terrorism
Graphic: U.S, Fighter jets
Date: October 21, 1985

We’ve been enduring a War On Terror how many years now? When do you think it actually started?

The historical commentary journey is not over yet! Keep reading with Time Marches On.

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