Prepared Cookie Dough

What happened to the days of people making cookies “from scratch?” Although I have done that, I think it is much easier to use a mix. I will declare using the mix worth it without question as far as time and convenience go.

Tastewise, I think it is pretty much equal, although I am sure both methods have their fans.

Healthwise, I think you are much better making the cookie dough yourself as you can ensure that only fresh, wholesome ingredients are used, leaving out all the partially hydrogenated oil products found in commercial mixes.

When it comes to buying those highly overpriced “slice the dough and put them in the microwave” deals, I have to say – not worth it. I just love the commercials in which they talk about the fun of “making cookies and baking together.”

Please, that is not making cookies in my book. That is the difference between making Rice Krispie treats yourself or unwrapping the packaged ones.

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