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Since I like to write about childhood nostalgia and reminiscing about “when we were kids” on this blog, sometimes that takes the form of the following conclusion – “How come we didn’t have THAT when we kids?” Read on to find out what “THAT” is.

One of the most anticipated events of the year was the annual trip to the pool supply store to get what we needed to open the pool for the season. Of course, we would beg and please for expensive pool toys that we didn’t really need and probably wouldn’t last more than a week anyway. These included surfboards, floats, diving games, etc.

I just saw an awesome pool toy that we could only dream about years ago. How about motorized bumper boats ? I was looking at a catalog today and saw those listed in the link. I couldn’t believe they only cost 99.95 each and ran on D size batteries. Coming from another source, I would be afraid that they were not going to last, but those are sold by Hammacher Schlemmer, a company that has been around for 159 years (imagine, they have an great website too.) and operates with what they call their “Lifetime Guarantee Of Complete Satisfaction.” Considering that, I would say these motorized bumper boats are worth checking out.

Imagine your kids faces if you surprise them with these ultimate summer pool toys! (Be sure to mention how lucky your kids are that they can get something like this. It’s also a good time to mention a walking both ways to school up hill in the winter story too!)

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