Polite Children

While on my vacation in a foreign country, I made an observation that is perfect for this blog.

I took a a public transportation bus at one point. There were some elementary school children on the bus. Although I did taker buses occasinoally when I was in elementary school, I didn’t take them alone and not as transportation to and from school itself. Usually, in America, we would see school childen on a school bus.

That wasn’t the main observation I want to mention today. I noticed how polite the children were to adults who were tourists in their country. The bus was completely full when a couple stepped on the bus. They were tourists and they were in their mid to late 50’s.

Two children immediately offered their seats to the tourists!

The children were traveling alone so it wasn’t that they were being prompted to do so by their parents.

It made me wonder, would American children offer their seats on a bus to foreign tourists?

Would your children do that?

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